I am first and foremost a man who has been very blessed to be the husband of an incredible wife, father of three amazing children, and pastor of a church in the Detroit area that loves having fun almost as much as they love Jesus.

I have two graduate and one undergraduate degrees, all in religion and theology. I have been a pastor in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod since 2011, but have previously spent time in nearly every Protestant denomination (and non-denomination…) in between being raised Lutheran and returning to it. The theology is the reason I am Lutheran, because I believe it to be most faithful to biblical teaching. I am sometimes in disagreement with certain practices and opinions, but the solid, biblical foundation of our church body and our history of “read, believe, understand” in that specific order is unlike any other I’ve found. I used to believe denomination didn’t matter, but know I understand that being taught the Truth matters far more than being simply entertained or manipulated emotionally.

I half-jokingly call myself a “Renegade Lutheran Pastor” because of my general lack of affection for the oh so Lutheran things like hymnals, pipe organs, vestments and pulpits, though I absolutely do respect those things and believe they have their place. In fact, while I believe in presenting the timeless Truth of God with a modern sound, I also believe that faithful ministry and worship style are uniquely contextual to each congregation and the community which it is called to serve.

I believe that humor, honesty and integrity are essential to being a pastor. I believe that real discipleship means being real, being yourself, and being thankful that you are forgiven in and by Jesus Christ, because you come as you are… but you don’t stay that way. That also means being more forgiving of others.

I have previously taught collegiate courses in philosophy and religion, worked in retail management, and dabbled in several other “odd jobs” along the way, all of which have contributed in some way to the man I am. I love a good movie. I love all kinds of music. I am a devoted fan of Detroit’s “Big Four” professional sports teams as well as the University of Michigan athletics. I know a lot about a little and a little about a lot, and I live to make people laugh.

Hope to see you over in the Comments sections!


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