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On Race and Unity

I’m not a pet person. I know this is hard for pet people to understand, because SO many people have pets, and pets are one of those things we just take for granted that everybody feels the same way about. But it is very uncomfortable for me when I visit the home of someone who … Continue reading On Race and Unity

Who Are You?

Who are you? What defines you? What is your identity? "Identity" is a loaded term these days, being all wrapped up in things like sexuality, sexual preference, gender identity, racial identity, political affiliation – and it’s all become very divisive, very incendiary – and very confusing. Some of us might joke about the political correctness … Continue reading Who Are You?

Why Do We Do That: Confirmation

See that beautifully manicured mullet up there? Yep, that's me, about a month after my 14th birthday and finishing the 8th grade. It's my confirmation photo. If you weren't raised Catholic or Lutheran, you may have no idea what confirmation is. So let me try and explain it - from the Lutheran perspective. For many … Continue reading Why Do We Do That: Confirmation

Worship On the Other Side of the Screen

As we continue to navigate this new, coronavirus-initiated, shelter-in-place world, many of us are attending worship services online. While this new method of 'gathering' in front of a computer or television screen for worship via livestream, Facebook Live, YouTube and other platforms certainly has its challenges, I thought I would give you a peek at … Continue reading Worship On the Other Side of the Screen