Why Do We Do That: Confirmation

See that beautifully manicured mullet up there? Yep, that's me, about a month after my 14th birthday and finishing the 8th grade. It's my confirmation photo. If you weren't raised Catholic or Lutheran, you may have no idea what confirmation is. So let me try and explain it - from the Lutheran perspective. For many … Continue reading Why Do We Do That: Confirmation

The Lutheran Difference, Part 2

In a previous post, I began exploring the question of why I am Lutheran, particularly with all of the choices out there among Christian denominations. While there are differences among Lutherans (a topic which I will explore in a future post), let's take a look at what makes Lutheranism in general different from other Christian … Continue reading The Lutheran Difference, Part 2

A Tangent: Denominationalism

In a previous post, I began exploring the question of what makes Lutheranism different from other Christian denominations, and why that is appealing to me. I think it's especially interesting to people because I have spent time studying and teaching about religion and theology, and because I have spent time worshiping at and with many … Continue reading A Tangent: Denominationalism

Christmas Is Most Definitely NOT Pagan

At some point, while watching the History Channel, talking to friends or browsing social media, you are bound to come across a familiar refrain: "Christmas isn’t Christian! Jesus was born in the summer! December 25th was stolen from the Egyptians/Babylonians/Romans! Christmas trees are pagan! Santa is an anagram of Satan!" And once again, it's not … Continue reading Christmas Is Most Definitely NOT Pagan

Advent… of What?

The church year begins with the season of Advent, which we are in now. Advent is the season of Christmas carols, Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating and Christmas parties. But the most recognizable part of Advent, apart from the Advent wreath, is the Advent Calendar, which counts down to Christmas Day and the birth of Jesus. … Continue reading Advent… of What?