Why Do We Do That: Churches and Money

Ah, yes. The topic everyone has an opinion on, and a topic most people even agree on: churches should spend a whole lot less time talking about and asking for my money. But why do churches take offerings, preach about giving, hold "Stewardship" Sundays and even hold fundraisers? The answer has to do with two … Continue reading Why Do We Do That: Churches and Money

Christmas Is Most Definitely NOT Pagan

I think this bears re-posting, as every year the same old lies get repeated ad nauseum. Read this and ENJOY Christmas this year!

Honest Musings from a Regular Guy... Who Also Happens to Be a Lutheran Pastor

At some point, while watching the History Channel, talking to friends or browsing social media, you are bound to come across a familiar refrain: “Christmas isn’t Christian! Jesus was born in the summer! December 25th was stolen from the Egyptians/Babylonians/Romans! Christmas trees are pagan! Santa is an anagram of Satan!” And once again, it’s not just an accusation leveled by angry atheists. The greatest perpetrators of this myth are well-meaning but badly misinformed Christians.

Now let me say again that I am not attacking you or the people who taught you, because all of us want to be faithful to God’s will for our lives. But let me also say again that it is the Truth that sets us free. And I refuse to give Satan, the occult, the neopagans or any other group or individual power that is not theirs, whether it be Halloween or Christmas, rock n’…

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