In the Cross Hairs

I have a cross in the back of my head. It's true - for better or worse - my "bald spot," where my hair is most thin on the back of my head, is in the shape of a cross. I don't know why my hair does that - frankly, I think it's weird. But … Continue reading In the Cross Hairs

Worship On the Other Side of the Screen

As we continue to navigate this new, coronavirus-initiated, shelter-in-place world, many of us are attending worship services online. While this new method of 'gathering' in front of a computer or television screen for worship via livestream, Facebook Live, YouTube and other platforms certainly has its challenges, I thought I would give you a peek at … Continue reading Worship On the Other Side of the Screen


I have tattoos. Two of them, actually. Ink is not for everyone, though it has certainly become far more mainstream to get tattoos, and lots of them, for that matter. Some people have very strong opinions on tattooing - whether or not it's attractive, whether it makes a difference if you're male or female, what … Continue reading Ink