Paying the Price

Today, we set aside a national holiday to remember all those who have died either while serving our country’s military, or who have died since that service. For most of us, it means the day off work or school, and a three-day weekend. But it is also a really valuable time for reflection – to … Continue reading Paying the Price

If In Doubt, Talk It Out

I cannot say this enough: Talk. Communicate. Stop making assumptions. Don’t talk about people - talk to them. The longer you let things fester, the worse they get until they are irreparable. This goes for your marriage, kids, parents, friendships, and all relationships - with family, coworkers, bosses, teachers, pastors, neighbors, you name it. It … Continue reading If In Doubt, Talk It Out

Thoughts On a Confirmation Service

Today, our church celebrates confirmation. Confirmation in the Lutheran church is just that: confirmation by these young people of the faith that was given to them in baptism, taught to them by their parents, grandparents, godparents, pastors and teachers, and grown and nurtured in them by the Holy Spirit. Today, they stand before their church … Continue reading Thoughts On a Confirmation Service