In the Cross Hairs

I have a cross in the back of my head.

It’s true – for better or worse – my “bald spot,” where my hair is most thin on the back of my head, is in the shape of a cross.

I don’t know why my hair does that – frankly, I think it’s weird. But it certainly is interesting…

I have found that a lot of people think or thought that I shave that cross in my head; that I put it there on purpose. This is the weirdest assumption to me, but I have encountered it enough to know that it seems to be the popular notion – that I am so dedicated to the Lord (or something) that I shave a cross in my head…

But I did not put it there myself, I assure you.

I have also been told that it was an “anointing” from God, physical evidence of my calling as a pastor. To be honest, that sounds awesome. I mean, how cool would that be if it were true? But since God has never revealed that to me, and because I am far more aware of my sin and shortcomings than I am of any grandiose notion of being set apart for some greater purpose, I laugh that idea off.

I still like it when people say that, though…

I’ve also been told by a buddy of mine with a good sense of humor that God “burned it into my skull” because of all the jokes I make about not putting a “Jesus Fish” on my car so I can stay incognito. Tough to stay incognito when you’re the dude with the cross-shaped bald spot…

Personally, I think it has more often than not looked more like a fleur de lis than a cross, but I’m not French, and even the Fleur de lis is a religious symbol, so what do I know?

What I do know is, it’s there. And whether it was put there by God, or sin, or the French, or is nothing more than the randomness of thinning hair, I have to admit it’s at least unique, which does make it kinda cool.

And for some reason, our camera operators at church love to show it on the live stream, so I guess I’m pretty well publicly branded with it…

So, until the rest of my hair follows suit and the cross becomes an empty tomb… I guess I’ll just accept that at least my bald spot happens to correspond with my chosen profession.

And I guess I’d better leave it at that, before I get myself into trouble…

So until our paths cross again, may your days be merry and bright, and may your hair be full and luxuriant.

~Ever, RevErik

5 thoughts on “In the Cross Hairs

  1. Well, one certainly learns something new every day. I must admit I have never noticed this before. Very unique! And it would be a difficult feat to do yourself. Someone would have to do it for you –like your barber or your wife. So, it must be a natural phenomenon! A real honest blessing from God for all of us to now notice and admire!


  2. Cute story. I had noticed it on several occasions and wondered how often your wife or barber had to trim it out. It is your uniqueness. Whether God given or natural it does fit you well. Thanks for clarifying.😊


  3. I noticed it when you were downstate in Gibraltar, but I always thought it looks more like the dove that often depicts the Holy Spirit. I always meant to mention it to you, but never thought of it when I was around you!


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