From the Floor of the Senate

UPDATE: It made the (downriver) paper!

This morning, I had the incredible honor of giving the Invocation (opening prayer) before the morning session of the Michigan State Senate. And yes, they still do that.

I was invited by the State Senator for our District, the Honorable Hoon-Yung Hopgood. It was awesome. Such an honor. I was further invited to “hang out” on the Senate floor for a while, as the guest of Senator Hopgood. I thought that was great, but I actually got to “hang out” with Senator Hopgood! He’s a really great guy – a family man, Christian, very personable. He answered a lot of questions and showed me how things work – I’ve always been very interested in politics and the processes of government. Government was one of my favorite classes in school.

It was an honor to be there and give the Invocation – something I’ll never forget – and yes, I had to be myself, so I threw in a little joke at the expense of our neighbors to the Southeast… And yes, I got laughs from the floor and appreciation from a handful of senators afterward.

May God bless the men and women of our state legislature, as well as their families, and my most sincere thanks to Senator Hopgood and his staff!

Hopefully, the video below will work for you (sorry it’s video of video – you can watch the original here, though I don’t know how long it will be available).

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