A Prayer for Our Country

When all hell is breaking loose around us, silence is sin. And yet, what do you say – and how do you say it? I may not know the whole path, but I can at least take a first step. Here is my prayer from worship this past Sunday:

Father, (we pray for) the situation going on in our country right now: the rioting, the protests, the violence, the racism, the fear, the hate, the anger, the politicization of murder. Father God, as a pastor, it’s hard to even know what to pray and what to say in these situations. People feel so strongly about (so many) things. But Father, as a white man living in America, I don’t know what it’s like to be black. As a person who has been in a majority my entire life, I don’t know what it’s like to feel or be a minority. Father, I trust and love those whom You’ve called to protect our rights as police officers and first responders. But Lord, like us, they are sinful; they are not perfect, and neither are those who are afraid and acting out of fear. Father, we as Your Church take a stand, not for a political party or a political ideal, but against evil; against wrong in all its forms. We call it out, Father, and we pray for those who are victims to it and of it. We ask for You, God, to intervene in this country: to step down; to step in; to bring peace where we see no hope for peace. You are (our) Hope, and we place our trust and our hope in You. We lift all things up to You, God, because we do not have Your wisdom; we do not have the benefit of Your heavenly perspective; but we trust in You, and we ask for Your help. This we ask in the name of Your Son, Jesus.


Come, Lord Jesus.

~Ever, RevErik


One thought on “A Prayer for Our Country

  1. We certainly loved that prayer yesterday and love it again today as we recite it with you and the rest of Peace congregation and others in our community.God’s blessings on you and your family, and may we soon have healing and respect for each other in our Country!

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