The Lutheran Difference, Part 2

In a previous post, I began exploring the question of why I am Lutheran, particularly with all of the choices out there among Christian denominations. While there are differences among Lutherans (a topic which I will explore in a future post), let's take a look at what makes Lutheranism in general different from other Christian … Continue reading The Lutheran Difference, Part 2

A Tangent: Denominationalism

In a previous post, I began exploring the question of what makes Lutheranism different from other Christian denominations, and why that is appealing to me. I think it's especially interesting to people because I have spent time studying and teaching about religion and theology, and because I have spent time worshiping at and with many … Continue reading A Tangent: Denominationalism

Dirty Words: Theology, Doctrine & Dogma, Oh My!

You probably don't think of yourself as a theologian. After all, you aren't some crazy-haired, old university professor in a tweed jacket with elbow patches and a pipe, sitting in a mahogany office filled with dusty old volumes written by dead guys, postulating on the metaphysical and epistemological essence of the existence of deity, right? … Continue reading Dirty Words: Theology, Doctrine & Dogma, Oh My!

What & Why: Lutherans, Part 1

My life journey to this point has taken a circuitous route through the Christian Church. My wife and I, having come from very different denominational backgrounds, have attended just about every Christian denomination (and non-denomination) under the sun. So how did we end up in the Lutheran church, with me as a Lutheran pastor? Good … Continue reading What & Why: Lutherans, Part 1